1. Nikhil8587

    "Help needed for my Research"(Thread Open To All)

    Hello everyone, Please help me decide a research topic that is viable for journals and conferences. All of these topics tickle my core interest and other factors like literature have been already looked at, but it is getting really hard to choose a topic. Please give your valuable suggestion...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical M3 Journaling: How to Do it and How it Can Help Your Residency Application

    What are you doing to prepare for the residency match? Chances are, you’re up to your eyeballs with rotations and exams and everything else that goes into finishing your medical degree. Chances are, you’re really not thinking much about your personal statement. Keep a journal…starting NOW Not...
  3. F

    Science Journal Club

    I am interested in starting a new club at my college. However, many clubs are meaningless and are there just to put on applications while they don't do anything. While I am also interested in putting it on my application, I want it to have some purpose. I was thinking about starting a science...
  4. N

    Undergraduate Publication?

    For the past year I have been working at my lab. My PI has been saying he does not mind too much commitment during the school year (coming in every week or so, or couple times a week). However, the caviot is he expects an average of 40 hours a week over summer. His lab publishes in many high...
  5. M

    First Post, Where should I be as a premed student

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on SDN, and I have some concerns in regards to where I should be as a premed student. I am far from a traditional pre-med student, with being back in school is a relatively new thing. I returned to college just two years ago, and despite doing terrible in...
  6. A

    How do you get a first author publication in a reputable American medical journal?

    I'm a medical student new to research. Just wanted to know what kind of criteria they look for when publishing in an American medical journal. I heard having a first author publication is really good for residency (also heard it is very difficult). So just wanted to get a little information...
  7. chaeliem

    submitting an easy and free journal of pediatric

    hello, my name is Annisa. you can call me Icha. I want to plan to publish a manuscript in journal of pediatric, which one is the best, easy and free? he he thank you.
  8. Waldeinsamkeit

    Journal suggestions for NSQIP based research

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good journals to submit to for research based on national database information. I am doing research this summer, so setting up my own project isn't exactly feasible. Are their any journals particularly amenable to research using these...
  9. A

    Publications - Physician Collaborators needed for health comm and policy articles

    I am hoping to find a practicing physician or resident with an interest in collaborating and co-authoring manuscripts in this area. I am a rapid and productive writer, interested in quickly building a publication record and potentially applying for faculty position in the future (ideally in...
  10. D

    Dermatology publication opportunities available for motivated individuals

    I am a longtime lurker to the board here. I see lots of posts here on the forum asking about research in dermatology. I work in Drugs in Dermatology and have lots of publication opportunities for motivated individuals who are 1.) reliable 2.) able to be independent 3.) able to meet deadlines...
  11. RockDoc28

    Research for Air Force Residency Application?

    Hey guys, I searched around a little bit for this but couldn't find much, and what I did was several years old. If there's already a recent thread about this please let me know. I'm a second year OMS in the USAF, and was not planning on doing research until recently, when I began hearing rumors...
  12. Save a life

    New England Journal of Medicine discussion

    The purpose of this thread will be to discuss the weekly articles, videos, and pictures posted in the number one medical journal in the world - the New England Journal of Medicine. Here is a link to the website: http://www.nejm.org For iPhone or iPad users I highly recommend the NEJM app. I...