june 2nd

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    Score Analysis prior to Test

    Hi everyone, Exam in 4 days and just wanted to show my breakdown of my scores. Hoping to shoot in 508+ range after review Also, tried taking the scored FL in testing conditions yesterday but noisy kids in library caused me to move multiple times. Good luck to all taking exam in June
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    13 Days to improve CARS

    Hi everyone, I made a SDN account solely to ask for advice on CARS. I seem to be spending 5-6 minutes reading the AAMC passages - they are so long! I try mapping the passage quickly, which helps me understand author's intent and meaning better but it does decrease my speed. I would appreciate...
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    Comparison of My Practice Tests Full Length to MCAT. HELP please

    HELP PLEASE! :( I take my MCAT on June 2nd (15 days away...). I've done some Kaplan and TPR tests before but from what I've heard, EK and NS are the best companies to go for in terms of resemblance to the actual test (please those who have taken both companies tests AND the actual MCAT correct...
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    June 2nd mcat too late?

    Plan is to either take the mcat june 2 and get my scores july 6 or take the mcat may 20 and scores june 21. I will submit my primary right when it opens in june. I would love that extra 12 days to study but not if it will hurt my chances. Let me know what you think, thanks