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    Are my 2015 Kaplan MCAT Books Outdated?

    My goal is to take the MCAT by June of this year and apply to medical school, but the only resources I have are the 2015 Kaplan MCAT books. Are these outdated or obsolete? I want to do prepare as best as I can so I'm willing to buy newer books/resources if need be, but I'd prefer not to spend...
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    For Sale TBR 2016-2017, EK, Kaplan, NextStep Psych, and TPR Hyperlearning books for sale

    MCAT Books for bid on ebay. Please look at description for information. I'm happy to answer any questions. TBR 2016-2017: Berkeley Review MCAT 2016 and 2017 copyrights | eBay Examkrackers 9th Edition: Examkrackers MCAT 9th edition | eBay Kaplan 2015: Kaplan MCAT 2015 - 7 book series +...
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    Selling MCAT 10th edition Examkrackers, Kaplan 2015 mcat books and flash cards, Barron 12 edition

    Hi I’m selling all of my MCAT books: If you buy all of the prep books, flash cards, and test questions I will sell it all for $190+shipping. MCAT Examkrackers 10th edition complete study package for $150: Biology 1 & 2, Chemistry, Reasoning Skills are in great condition, with some highlights...
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    Other Materials I Might Need For The MCAT

    I am wondering what other materials I might need for the MCAT. I plan to take the MCAT in July or June if I feel that I am ready for it at that time. Materials I have: AAMC: Official MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Question Pack, Volume 1 The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (MCAT2015)...

    Final Countdown & Score Discrepancy

    I recently changed gears from content review to exam practice. This is what I have done so far. 11/18 Kaplan-1 500(125-124-127-124) <---still doing content 12/25 AAMC-1 512(129-127-130-126) <---Stopped doing content 01/01 Kaplan-2 510(127-128-130-125) 01/05 Kaplan-3 507(127-125-128-127)...
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    Kaplan 2015 vs Kaplan 2018/2019

    Thank you in advance for your answers! I was wondering if I would be missing out on a lot of information. I have the 2015 1st edition, not the newest one... I would rather not spend another couple hundred dollars if I don't have to....
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    For Sale TBR (excellent) + EK (like-new) + Kaplan (used)

    Hello all, TBR (current edition) - unmarked, no major signs of use. see here. Science bundle - Organic I + II; General I + II; Bio I + II; Physics I + II $230 + shipping EK (10th edition) - unused, but open. see here. $135 + shipping Kaplan (2nd edition - 2015) - used and marked. see here...
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    MCAT Materials for Sale

    Selling EK 10th edition (full set) + Kaplan 7th edition (full set + quick review) Books/binding/pages are in great condition (original box included) but both have highlighting/markings $60 each or $100 for both sets + S/H obo
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    For Sale MCAT KAPLAN & Princeton Review Packages

    Must sell asap!! Like new, little highlighting, excellent condition Kaplan 2015 MCAT 7-book Subject Review (($200)) The Princeton Review: (($200)) 9 books including study guides, reviews and workbooks Also selling AAMC 4th edition The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam ((Will include in...
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    For Sale A ton of MCAT Books for Sale!!!!!: BR, Kaplan, EK, TPR

    I am selling a bunch of MCAT Books. All of these books are in GREAT condition and have absolutely no markings in them. I would like to keep the books in their respective companies set (e.g Kaplan, BR, EK...). However, I am willing to part them out individually if need be. The Berkeley Review...
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    Kaplan 3E vs 2E practice tests?

    So by a (happy) accident, I got access to both the Kaplan 3rd Edition and 2nd Edition online practice exams. Does anyone know if the exams differ enough from version to version that taking all six exams instead of just the three from the 3E would be useful?
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    For Sale Selling Princeton Review Set, Kaplan Set, Next Step books, and Berkley-Good Condition

    I am willing the sell these sets at the BEST PRICE for you! These books have minimal to n0 markings or highlights. I can send pictures if needed :) 2015 MCAT Sets that I am selling: The Princeton Review Kaplan Book set Organic Chemistry-The Berkley Review Chemistry-The Berkley Review Next...
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    Selling USED and NEW 2015-2016 MCAT Books of the following companies: The Princeton Review (TPR) Kaplan Next Step Test Prep (NST) Examkrackers (EK) PM me for details or contact me email: [email protected] cell phone: 954-243-0195 I am willing to send the books to you and negotiate any...
  14. MsAfrikanQueen

    Princeton Review, Ekamkrackers, and Kaplan Review books for Sale

    I am selling the resources below for the price listed beside it, I will considered negotiating the entire lot for a fair price. I will update the ad when books are no longer available. These prices do not include shipping. I am located in the DMV area for anyone in the area. Examkrackers 101...
  15. God's_Child

    How I went from a 488 diagnostic to a 509

    1) Composite score: 509 (82nd percentile) PS: 127 CARS: 127 BS: 128 Psych: 127 2) Practice Test: I took Kaplan FL exams and the official AAMC scored. I took the exam twice, once in January and once in May. I was hoping to hit it on the first shot but I fell into pitfalls the 1st time around...
  16. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Selling MCAT study resources

    Scored 512 (89%-ile) on new MCAT-2015, even scoring across sections... Selling: 1) Kaplan Complete 7-Book Subject Review for new MCAT - lightly used (may have some minor highlighting, underlining and pertinent notes in margin) -- message for price 2) ExamKrackers MCAT 101 Passages in MCAT...
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    Kaplan MCAT 2015 review set

    For sale, 2015 MCAT Kaplan 7 book review with free problem solving, free lesson book and free quick sheets. Also included is a set of Thieme Anatomy Flash Cards