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For Sale TBR (excellent) + EK (like-new) + Kaplan (used)


New Member
Jun 5, 2017
    Hello all,

    TBR (current edition) - unmarked, no major signs of use. see here.
    Science bundle - Organic I + II; General I + II; Bio I + II; Physics I + II
    $230 + shipping

    EK (10th edition) - unused, but open. see here.
    $135 + shipping

    Kaplan (2nd edition - 2015) - used and marked. see here.
    Includes quicksheets
    $30 + shipping

    Shipping: you choose the service - shipping from Texas.

    PS - I studied with Kaplan (online course) the first time and got a 506 - just took my second time, studied mainly with TBR (self) and got a 519/518 on AAMC FL1/FL2. I'll post if it works out.
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