kaplan 2018

  1. T

    My scores/thoughts

    So, first off my scores from July 18th (today): Bio: 98 Chem:96 CR: 96 QR:77 Cumulative: 97 So, needless to say I'm disappointed in my QR score since it's the section that I worked the hardest on but, honestly, I was spent by the end of the exam. Things I used: pearson exams and Collins...
  2. Mr.Popo'sDentist

    College is giving me a free prep class: KAPLAN or Princeton Review

    Hello, As the title suggests I got lucky and my natsci program is willing to pay for a MCAT prep class. The program offers both KAPLAN in person or Princeton Review ultimate. Which program would be better from someone who relies on good practice questions and practice exams? Initially I am...
  3. Premedninja

    Kaplan's Biology Review book, new edition questions... :)

    If by anyone bought the newest edition of the Kaplan books (2018-2019)... and would want to share what the answer to the following questions are in the Biology Review book.. I would be forever thankful :) 1) What is the last word in the Learning Goals box for Chapter 6.1? 2) What is the last...