1. 3

    Why is Kent State's most recent pass rate so much higher than before?

    The most recent published stat online is 81% pass rate for part 1 APMLE 2015-2017 with a 79% graduation rate. I saw somewhere on this form that 2019 pass rate is a 92%. What caused this huge spike? Are more people being held back in order to raise the stat or is the curriculum actually...
  2. X

    Kent State Interview

    Hi all, I got verified today & also received an interview invite from Kent State. I’m creating this thread so that people can share their experiences interviewing at Kent state (if you did) & also travel info if possible.
  3. DoctorLane

    Anyone Interview at: Western, AZPOD or BARRY? (Or ALL)

    Curious about interview experiences at Western and AZPOD the most, but just wondering about Barry and even Kent, as well. Have spent considerable time in all of these relative locations, so I'm familiar with the geography, but in terms of Campus, student body, program, faculty, resources and...
  4. DoctorLane

    Please Rate : Western vs Midwestern vs Kent vs Barry vs DMU

    Rank based on experiences with these programs (i.e., interview, etc.) Program Professionalism: (1-10) Location: (1-10) Cost of living: (1-10) Quality of life: (1-10) Student body/staff: (1-10) GO!
  5. P

    Barry VS Kent

    I've narrowed my schools down to CSPM, NYCPM, Scholl, Kent and Barry I specifically would like to know how Kent and Barry would compare to each other since they are not in big cities like SF, Chicago, or NYC. I know clinicals are relatively the same for both with 7 or 8 month externships but...