1. Kakarrott

    Which medical speciality has the best ratio between how wast and deep it is?

    Hope this isnt a bad forum, atleast not somehow extremely bad. Now to the question, maybe it is caused by lack of info but I do have a feeling that with med speciality you can go either really deep on a small scale or you have a broad but not so deep playfield. This question can be something...
  2. MedSchoolDreamzzz

    Need Advice and Guidance!!!

    Hello, Im a Freshman college student currently attending Austin Community College in Austin Texas! I'm Currently enrolled as a general studies major since community college's only have two year programs. Im really looking forward into Transferring to University of Texas at Austin next summer! Im...
  3. C

    Preparing for Rotations after Gap Year? 3 Months to Go. What Do?

    Hello, I am finishing up my gap year (research) and will be returning to 4th year in about 3 months. By this time it will have been an entire year since my last rotation (psych :/) I will be starting my first sub-i on inpatient Internal Medicine. Does anyone know of the best ways in which to...
  4. T

    All the hate on multiple majors?

    Preface: I hereby declare that multiple majors do not in any measurable way increase your chances of getting into medical school or the MD/PhD program. Do not crucify me. However, one of the biggest slights against modern education is the notion that majoring in more than one thing, or even...