1. M

    Gap Year: Certified Pharmacy Technician vs Certified Laboratory Technician

    For someone that just graduated and is taking a gap year due to a late decision to go to med school, how would you advise them in choosing between a Pharm Tech or Lab tech job? Personal Background to potentially influence decision: . 500 hours as a Medical Assistant . 630 hours as an ER Scribe...
  2. NuclearDust

    Practice comparison: Own the AP lab vs PC + Part A practice

    Hey guys, so I'm trying to compare two different practices, and I'm trying to determine how much of a difference that owning the AP lab makes in terms of a practice. Practice 1: Owns their own free-standing AP lab for all H&E and IHC for all outreach work and has their own billing dept. They...
  3. K

    MD & DO What Should I Do?

    Hey everyone, I messed up with my undergrad GPA (2.9). I was not considering pursuing medical school at that time. My GPA was on an upswing though as my last 60 units have a GPA of 3.5. I completed a post bacc program for Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS), and I obtained an ASCP certified...
  4. P

    SDN: Any Jobs for Pre-Med College Graduates with a BS in Neuroscience?

    Looking for a full-time job that offers a decent salary and potential of advancement. Already have two years of lab experience if that helps. I need a backup plan in case I don’t get into med school on my first try.
  5. M

    Graduated with High Honors, overall GPa of 3.67, Science GPA of 3.67

    I graduated with high honors by defending an undergraduate thesis and gained an overall GPA of 3.67 . My science GPA is also 3.67. I worked and performed research in a stem cell lab for 2 years and presented research at several conferences. I graduated a week ago and still need to study and take...
  6. D

    Labs in pharmacy school

    Sorry if this question has already been answered but I was wondering, how much laboratory work is there to do in pharmacy school? Is it anything like undergrad orgo/biochem, etc where you have to spend dozens of hours each week doing the lab and even more hours writing reports? Thanks for the...
  7. greg.house1408

    Veterinary Diagnostics Devices: Opinions?

    Could I get personal opinions and advice on which manufacturers and their machines work best for a veterinary diagnostics lab? I have worked with IDEXX machinery for 3 years now, but am looking for any options, given that their ProCyte analyzer is not all that accurate. Specifically, I am...