las vegas

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  1. J

    Roommate Las Vegas rooms for rent in home near UNLV

    Hello! My boyfriend and I are currently living in a 5 bedroom, 3 bath home in Las Vegas, NV. Presently, we have 1 other roommate and are looking to rent out the remaining 2 open rooms. We both are working professionals in the community and want to ensure the rooms are rented to individuals who...
  2. AnesthesiaLife

    Vegas? Florida? Cali? New Attending in 2018, 32/single, Where should I work?

    1. Major city/fun/younger crowd (But not too expensive cost of living) 2. Warm weather 3. Big hospital, private practice 4. Good incentives (Salary/lower income tax) to pay off loans 5. Collegiality/Comradery 6. Non partnership track
  3. K

    Renting Roommate Wanted for Las Vegas Away in September

    I'm doing an away rotation in Las Vegas from 8/28 - 9/24 and housing seems to be cheaper if shared. I'm looking for other female roommates and am looking at these 2 places on Airbnb (both are a 10-15 min drive from the University Medical Center) --...
  4. Y

    Las Vegas interview 11/20/15

    Hi! Going to my interview on this date, and staying the night after the interview, as well. Just looking to see if anyone else is also going on this date and staying to hang a little bit. Wanting to make friends here! Also if anyone has any tips/info on how this interview is, please feel free...