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    URM late applicant, am I done for? Advice needed

    Would anyone care to give me honest feedback about me as a late applicant? I've been kind of down lately because I know I'm late in the game. I'll be taking a late MCAT (Aug 17) and I'll be sending in my AMCAS app for verification at the end of July. This means I'll be complete (MCAT and AMCAS...
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    3.37 cgpa 3.84 sgpa 501 mcat

    Hey guys. I posted before but now that I have my app verified and some secondaries out, I wanted to get some further insight. cgpa: 3.37 sgpa: 3.84 non-sci gpa: 2.9 3.9 gpa over last 90 credits with mostly science classes MCAT : 128,121,128,124 lot's of EC's, research, volunteering, shadowing...
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    Is it too late to shadow a DO now and add it on my "Experiences" on my primary application?

    Hi everyone! I am new to SND so sorry if I am doing anything wrong. Just to give a little background information... Currently I am in the middle of doing my secondary applications for DO schools. I submitted my primary application in July but I am still waiting for my college's committee...
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    Texas Applying: anxiety waiting for interviews

    I graduated my university in 3 years and am looking for a job as an EMT right now. I'm a Texas resident. I submitted my primaries mid august and am finishing up my secondaries. Through just my primary I've only heard back from UT SA, nothing aside from the initial "application received" from UT...