Sep 19, 2015
I graduated my university in 3 years and am looking for a job as an EMT right now. I'm a Texas resident. I submitted my primaries mid august and am finishing up my secondaries. Through just my primary I've only heard back from UT SA, nothing aside from the initial "application received" from UT Houston or Galveston and it's almost been a month. I thought I was a competitive/decent applicant but I've submitted my application relatively late. Waiting for news from other schools is really nerve wracking and I check my email like 20 times a day now. I'm worried that if UT Houston or Galveston aren't interested in my app why would other schools like Baylor or Southwest be interested.

My stats are overall GPA 3.85, BCPM 8.83 and MCAT 33. I've worked in a lab for a year(no publications) and I feel confident in my letters of rec. I've volunteered tutoring and through clubs, but my clinical shadowing and volunteering are weak. I've shadowed in the ER for about 34 hours, so I wanted to boost my clinical exposure by working and volunteering as an EMT this year.

I thought my weakest points were my low clinical volunteering/shadowing. Also I submitted late-are those deal breakers?
Hopefully I'm just worrying for nothing, but is this normal?


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Sep 15, 2012
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Did you apply to all the Texas schools ? If so, you should receive some interviews. It is still relatively early in the interview season. Also apply to Rio Grande when they receive preliminary accreditation.
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Sep 19, 2015
Yes I've finished applying to all of the schools but Baylor and Dell's secondaries- thanks for the advice! I guess it's just time to wait then


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May 5, 2015
Your stats are fine. Yes a lack of volunteering and clinical exposure are problems but there's nothing you can do now except try and build up those activities if by chance you don't get in this cycle and have to re-apply. You still could get II's you just have to wait, it's not late enough to start panicking about not having II's.
Nov 4, 2014
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Its so early! I applied around this time last year and didn't hear back from most schools until spring semester. If you don't here anything by February then start worry. Most schools interview until march or April and they probably won't even look at your application until months from now. Don't stress yet. Oh and your volunteering and shadowing is better than mine was but you should definitely start adding to that this ASAP, great to talk about new stuff in interviews or do application updates or worst case scenario more stuff on your application for next cycle... but my bet is that you'll be getting in somewhere good

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Aug 14, 2015
I have a 3.6 gpa,
3.45 sgpa
31 MCAT (11,10,10)
2 years of research
2 semesters of volunteering at hospital
several shadowing hours
student govt, orientation camp counselor, fraternity chair, pre med society
2 years of working for aerospace department along with another part time job
currently work at hospital as a scribe/DBA
I have only gotten 1 interview from TCOM so far.
What are my chances of getting more interviews from texas schools?
I am a re-applicant btw