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    Leaving DPT to pursue Masters?

    Hey everyone, So I know that this topic has been covered in some form or fashion hundreds of times, but perhaps I am adding a new spin on it. I am currently a first-year student (second semester) DPT student. To get straight to the point, I am considering leaving DPT to pursue a master's in...
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    Dropping out of SMP affiliated with med school

    So I am currently in a Masters program thats affiliated with a medical school. I am about one month into the program and have received an acceptance to another medical school. My question is can i drop my current Masters program without the school I was accepted into from finding out? I never...
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    Should I push through with research

    Hey guys, So in January i started working in a lab as a lab aide - and starting in August I began doing my own research. Over the last few months, however, I have learned that bench research is not for me. My lab is very time consuming, and I do not enjoy it very much. Being a junior, it is...
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