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    License/certification Question

    Hi all, so I am doing some research on licensing and things to put on my app. I see a lot of programs like x ray technician offering certification and it says nothing about licensing. Under "licenses" on the AADSAS app, do certifications count? Also, are they even a big deal to put on your app...
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    Question Regarding Licensure

    I currently am applying to jobs, however I am applying in multiple states and am unsure as to where I will end up working initially. I want to get licensure in both states either way because I like to have the flexibility. I am curious if I can apply to two different states before I take my...
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    Online CPR Course for PT Application

    Hey there, I feel like I already know the answer to this, but if I get CPR certified via an online CPR course such as from the National CPR Foundation, can I add that to my "Licenses/Certifications" portion of my PTCAS application? Thanks