lizzym scores

  1. Dr. ThorStrange

    Which GPA Should be Used for LizzyM Score?

    What I mean by this: Do you use the cGPA you had when applying to schools, or can it be calculated using an updated cGPA, such as after another semester? Another way to look at it: Should you stick to one LizzyM Score, or should you recalculate each time after updating your cGPA, such as after...
  2. camaka35

    Should I apply to postbac programs?

    Hi everyone, I am applying to MD programs for the 2018 application cycle. I have received some rejections but no interview invitations as of yet. While waiting to hear back, I am considering completing postbac programs to strengthen my application. Do you think this is something to consider with...
  3. Govols22

    LizzyM New MCAT score converter confusion

    I was messing around with the LizzyM tool on this website and I noticed something odd. A maximum GPA and MCAT on the old MCAT shows a max LizzyM of 85, but on the new MCAT it shows a max LizzyM of 79. Any explanation for this?
  4. To be MD

    Application Assitant & LizzyM Scores :: Data/Statistical Questions

    Most people will have noticed today that there's an "Application Assistant" now that will calculate your LizzyM score and then put you on a "LizzyM Distribution Curve." My question is, how in the world is the average (the middle of this normally distributed curve) LizzyM score of medical school...