1. G

    My situation, any insight?

    Hey all! I'm a third year, going to be a fourth in the next school year, and I'm kind of freaking out. Help me out? My GPA is not competitive enough (2.97 cumulative) and I'm worried about getting into PT schools. Of course, I'm busting my ass off already trying to get it to a 3.0, but I want...
  2. lawyerbrah

    Just LOL @ you if you're going to medical school (srs)

    Just LOL @ u if you're going to medical school. Brb taking out 200k in loans, brb your 20's are gone, brb you'll hate your life in your 20's and you'll hate your life as a doctor, brb you'll try to retire at 50 then die at 60 because of dat dere stress, brb mommy and daddy are a doctor or brb...