My situation, any insight?


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May 9, 2017
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
    Hey all!

    I'm a third year, going to be a fourth in the next school year, and I'm kind of freaking out. Help me out?

    My GPA is not competitive enough (2.97 cumulative) and I'm worried about getting into PT schools. Of course, I'm busting my ass off already trying to get it to a 3.0, but I want to be better ya know? All the low GPA-ers here can relate to me hopefully.
    My GPA is low because of B-s in O.chem and english and because of Cs throughout calculus and chemistry. Im planning on retaking gen chem because i know that will affect my gpa and help with my application.

    Some things outside of GPA like ECs, I go to a UC and I'm in a club for biology students and pre-pt club and a ministry club.
    From high school to the winter break of my third year, I worked with seniors with Alzheimers and dementia (Not a PT site), volunteer at a local elderly care home for exercise.
    PT observation: I'm in pediatrics site with 50some hours, outpatient with 50 something hours, and will be in acute care with 40 hours for the summer.
    I also haven't taken the GRE yet but i will be studying hard core this summer.
    Is there anything you guys think i can improve on on my application


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    May 18, 2017
      Retake any C's you have in science and prerequisite classes to boost your science and prereq GPAs.

      Work hard to get straight A's from here on out and you can also can apply to schools that look at your last 45 or last 60 units, if those are higher than your cumulative gpa. I was in a similar situation, worked really hard and got A's in probably 13 of my last 15 classes of undergrad.

      I'm guessing you have a more difficult major since you've taken ochem and calculus, I haven't had to either of those (kin major) and you said you're also at a UC, so I wonder if PT schools will factor that in.

      And also the obvious: get more hours in a variety of settings. I would suggest 3+ settings. Try to at least get a 310 combined in your GRE scores. Your extracurriculars seem pretty good so far, keep that up. Try to get good letter of recs by actually volunteering or working at a clinic.

      Good luck man
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