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    PLFSOM (scholarship) vs Long SOM

    I had been sitting on my acceptance PLFSOM for a few months, but I got accepted to Long SOM off the WL just a few days ago and now I'm quite torn. I'm from the DFW metroplex, and my number 1 was UTSW; I don't bring that up to look down on these 2 schools, I was impressed by both, but just to...
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    1 month till MCAT

    Hi guys, My MCAT exam is January 19th and Im going to have approximately 35 days to seriously study for it once my school semester is over in December. I spent about 2.5 months doing content review/light practice with princeton review during the summer already. At the end of the summer, I...
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    Virginia MPJE materials

    Hi, I am selling the "Pass Virginia Pharmacy Law Exam" book by Alexis Long and Douglas Lipton. It's in great condition, no markings. I recently passed the MPJE and do not need it anymore. DM me for details :)
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    Personal Statement - OK to express wanting to return to home state?

    Hi, I'm from a WWAMI state--in other words, no med schools here--and I was just wondering if it is OK in my personal statement to mention wanting to go back to my state in the long run? Drafting my PS I make a point about wanting to help diverse communities other than my own early on in my...
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    How long are grades valid? (more details)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I wanted to ask about grades and for how long they're considered by admissions. I do see that similar topics have been discussed but I wanted more details. I'm 26, and I had some crappy grades a little over 8 years ago now, and I'm getting back into the swing...