1. annaball

    Lumadent Loupes anyone ?

    Hi getting my first pair of loupes and I pretty much decided on TTL. Due to the limited choice of dealers I have in my country, I have marked down to Zeiss TTL 2.5x, Univet TTL 3.5, Zumax TTL 3.0x and Lumadent TTL 3.5x (to purchase and ship from online instead of contacting local dealer). Due...
  2. S

    Loupe magnification for surgery

    What loupe mag do you recommend for oral surgery? I know almost old school surgeons don’t use loupes, but many newer ones wear some. I have 3.5s now, and am wanting to get another pair at student price before graduation. Would it be better to go up (4.5 prisms) or down (2.5 or 3x)? Does anyone...
  3. S

    Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x

    For sale, Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x magnification (3.0x - 46 cm/18") Black, long temple sport frame Adjustable, flip-up design Excellent optics Great condition, Lightly used. Clean. Comes with original box, Keeler soft carrying case, instruction manual, Keeler cleaning cloth (never...