1. J

    Armed forces pharmacy

    Preparing for pharmacy school and considering a career as a armed forces pharmacist. Does anyone have any info on pharmacist life and duties in any of the armed forces. Also any opinions of it is a good option to consider instead of hospital or retail.
  2. T

    HPSP, PTSD and Tinnitus Rating %20

    Currently I'm set on dental school, even right now I haven't even began pre-dental requisites and schooling. I got out of the Marine Corps 2014. I applied for disabilities with the VA 2015 and received %20. %10 for PTSD and %10 for tinnitus. I have not received any health care for either while...
  3. CareerNumTwo

    Any other current active duty pre-dents out there?

    Just wondering. We have unique life experiences so it would be nice to find others who are sharing this journey. If so... How long have you been in? Officer/Enlisted? Which service? Deployments? How far along are you on your progression towards D school? How are you balancing pre-reqs and...