market research

  1. whosnisarg

    OMFS Job Growth

    Hey, guys! It's a bit early for me but I'm very curious... How is the job market right NOW for a full-time OMFS? Where are most of these jobs (location and private-practice/universities)? What is the estimated job growth in ten years for OMFS? I've been hearing/reading that the job market for...
  2. R

    Grad School project - need dentists help please!

    Hello, I am a graduate student working on a research project that deals with the use of topical anesthetics in dentistry. I need practicing dentists (can be a general dentist or have specialization) to assist me complete the project by answering a few questions for me. I am not selling any...
  3. M

    Cardiac Monitoring?

    Hey Guys, I am the founder of a company that is attempting to educate the general public about cardiac health and help them better understand their overall health. Wristbeat is changing how people approach their heart health by providing them with the tools and knowledge to understand and...