Cardiac Monitoring?

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Jul 29, 2016
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Hey Guys,

I am the founder of a company that is attempting to educate the general public about cardiac health and help them better understand their overall health. Wristbeat is changing how people approach their heart health by providing them with the tools and knowledge to understand and improve it. As part of the process we are trying to talk with as many specialists as possible, if anyone has a moment to fill out the questions below (the more feedback we get the more we can tailor the product to meet your needs as well as those of our user) we would greatly appreciate it!

1. What are the best indicators of heart health?
2. What type of data do you look at most when evaluating heart health?
3. Do your patients struggle to understand their heart health?
4. Do you wish your patients were more competent in cardiac health?
5. If you had to have patients understand one aspect of their heart health what would it be?
6. What is the most difficult concept for patients to grasp in your opinion?
7. What’s the most annoying part of your day?
8. What if anything would you wish you could track in your patient population?
9. What is your biggest ‘time waster’ in your day?
10. Do you often feel frustrated when trying to explain things to patients? What’s the most frustrating thing to explain?
11. Do you find that patients are often ‘too informed’ or ‘miss informed’?
12. Any additional thoughts?

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