1. libertyyne

    Is this unusual?

    Found this on yelp, not sure if marketing this was was expected or just something unusual. Was the Aston Martin necessary ?
  2. B

    For Sale www.harvardmedicine.com

    Hello, I have recently acquired the URL http://www.harvardmedicine.com/ The website URL is for sale and I'm willing to take offers if interested. Whether your last name is Harvard or you graduated from Harvard, harvardmedicine.com is a prime way to market yourself as a doctor or your practice!
  3. C

    Are there any Pharm D career options that explore creativity?

    Hi all, I am entering my P3 year in a PharmD program and I am unsure as to what are I would like to go into after school. I am enrolled in a dual degree program (MHS in Health Informatics), which basically explores the technology side of pharmacy. I also have personal interests in graphic...
  4. D

    Return on Investment

    Hi all, I was hoping you would be interested in reading my latest article, which addresses how to determine if the cost of a marketing program per new patient acquisition outweighs the net collection from each individual patient. Although this article specifically tackles evaluating a marketing...
  5. H

    MHA I want to work in hospital administration. So you'd say an MHA is absolutely necessary, right?

    I graduated pre-med and communications and wanted to go to med school - but found myself in healthcare PR and love it. Med school is not feasible at this point. I've worked in hospital administration and am now at a top agency doing PR for hospitals/pharma. I want to work directly in a hospital...
  6. J

    Public Health vs Health Communications

    I am debating between these two degrees. I am also interested in Health Journalism which is a concentration within communications. Can anyone provide some explanations about the differences between these fields? If anyone works in either of those fields, can you explain in detail what your job...