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  1. libertyyne

    Is this unusual?

    Found this on yelp, not sure if marketing this was was expected or just something unusual. Was the Aston Martin necessary ?
  2. B

    For Sale

    Hello, I have recently acquired the URL The website URL is for sale and I'm willing to take offers if interested. Whether your last name is Harvard or you graduated from Harvard, is a prime way to market yourself as a doctor or your practice!
  3. C

    Are there any Pharm D career options that explore creativity?

    Hi all, I am entering my P3 year in a PharmD program and I am unsure as to what are I would like to go into after school. I am enrolled in a dual degree program (MHS in Health Informatics), which basically explores the technology side of pharmacy. I also have personal interests in graphic...
  4. D

    Return on Investment

    Hi all, I was hoping you would be interested in reading my latest article, which addresses how to determine if the cost of a marketing program per new patient acquisition outweighs the net collection from each individual patient. Although this article specifically tackles evaluating a marketing...
  5. H

    MHA I want to work in hospital administration. So you'd say an MHA is absolutely necessary, right?

    I graduated pre-med and communications and wanted to go to med school - but found myself in healthcare PR and love it. Med school is not feasible at this point. I've worked in hospital administration and am now at a top agency doing PR for hospitals/pharma. I want to work directly in a hospital...
  6. J

    Public Health vs Health Communications

    I am debating between these two degrees. I am also interested in Health Journalism which is a concentration within communications. Can anyone provide some explanations about the differences between these fields? If anyone works in either of those fields, can you explain in detail what your job...