MHA I want to work in hospital administration. So you'd say an MHA is absolutely necessary, right?

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Jun 20, 2016
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I graduated pre-med and communications and wanted to go to med school - but found myself in healthcare PR and love it. Med school is not feasible at this point. I've worked in hospital administration and am now at a top agency doing PR for hospitals/pharma. I want to work directly in a hospital in administration - preferably PR/marketing.

My resume is stellar, my grades are great, I've presented research at Mayo, I have references galore. It seems like the perfect fit to pursue an MHA. But is it necessary? I really want to go back to school, and I can do a part time program. My employer will cover up to 5k a semester. But I'm already in debt from undergrad - is it worth it to end up accruing another 28k in loans? Is the cost of getting an MHA worth it? I want to make sure the ROI is a good one. Thanks!

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