master of arts

  1. aalleyne13

    NYU Masters Program

    Looking for opinions on whether or not it's beneficial to apply for a MS in Chemistry or MA in IDS or Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience Track). I'm pre med with a solid passion in Neurobiology and Biopsychology and all that intertwines, which shows through my undergrad coursework. However, I...
  2. ThatGuy15

    Should I bother pursuing a master's degree?

    I am currently an undergraduate senior majoring in Applied Psychology at New York University. My plan after graduation was to pursue a mater's degree in psychology at Queens College and gain more research experience in clinical neuropsychology. However, I am now questioning my plan. As of right...
  3. ThatGuy15

    Experimental Psychology at CUNY Brooklyn College

    Hello everyone. As I am preparing to graduate from New York University, I have decided to apply for a master’s degree before I fully commit to a Ph.D. I will only be applying to one program and that’s the experimental psychology program at CUNY Brooklyn College. I will be using the master’s...
  4. ImplantKing

    Midwestern University Master of Arts Biomedical Sciences 2016-2017

    Hello, This thread is for students recently accepted into the MABS Program at Midwestern, Glendale Campus. If you have information, needing roommate, etc. please feel free to post on this thread. Best of luck to everyone in the near future