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Aug 15, 2019
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Looking for opinions on whether or not it's beneficial to apply for a MS in Chemistry or MA in IDS or Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience Track). I'm pre med with a solid passion in Neurobiology and Biopsychology and all that intertwines, which shows through my undergrad coursework. However, I have a pretty high avg uGPA and my sGPA is borderline so I want to boost it with a masters program because I'm not eligible for a post bacc (GPA too high and pre reqs mostly exceeded). Obviously, there aren't many schools I've come across offering a MS in a discipline that integrates impressive upper level sciences with psych/neuro courses (mainly offered at a PhD level) and I'm stuck deciding how best to go about this in a way that will boost my app. I don't know if IDS would be best, since I can create my own curriculum and express my interests fully in the medical and neural sciences, as it is a MA (not sure if that matters). Also, MS Chemistry might serve me well to show an upward trend (found a love for the subject after gen chem and did well in bio chem). For the record, Im looking at NYU because I'm limited to New York masters program, not solely having to do with their reputation.

I appreciate any insight and advice on how to go about boosting my app while staying in line with my passion (i don't want to do something just because lol)

If it helps, I have substantial clinical and volunteer experience, but not much research experience; another reason I'm looking to get a masters and hopefully research something aligned with my interests in neural mapping

pls help :(