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  1. manda4

    For Sale Cheap DAT Study Materials - ON SALE!

    These materials helped me study for the DAT and do well - I'm a D2 now :) DAT DESTROYERS/ODYSSEY: $70 EACH OBO! (shipping included) KAPLAN DAT: $20 individually or $10 with purchase of a destroyer DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great...
  2. D

    Do people really pay $375 for Dr. Collins?

    I am in the middle of looking for PCAT study materials and I am deciding between Kaplan and Dr. Collins but I have heard much more positive things about Dr. Collins. However, Dr. Collins study guides are soooo expensive like $375 on pcatprepclass (this is the official website for Dr. Collins...
  3. Dr_LN

    For Sale Selling EPPP AATBS Flashcards (Purchased 12/2017)

    Selling AATBS flashcards for EPPP-- $55 (includes shipping) Originally purchased Dec 2017 for $110 (plus $20 shipping) Includes over 600 color-coded flashcards. A handful have additional notes written on them in pencil. Pictures available upon request.
  4. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  5. D

    DAT Breakdown (28 TS, 26 AA)

    Greetings, After a grueling 10 weeks of preparation, I finally took the DAT a few days ago. At the beginning of my studying I was putting in about 4-6 hours of studying a day. In the last month, this study time was increased to a minimum of 8 hours daily. Within the two weeks of my test date, I...
  6. H

    80th+ percentile PCAT advice?

    Hey guys! I'm scheduled to take the PCAT on September 8. I've already purchased Kaplan, Barron's, and Dr. Collins materials. My goal is to make at least ~80th percentile in order to maintain a competitive application. I was wondering if you all had any advice on what/how to study, especially in...
  7. R

    Late Transcript, Incomplete Application Status at Time of Deadline

    Hi everyone! To summarize my situation, I messed up and haven't gotten my transcripts sent to PTCAS for verification and my deadline is Monday the 17th (University of Montana PT Program). I have everything else done and my questions are AM I SCREWED? and WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am curious if I can...
  8. cvalliere

    Selling OAT Destroyer and Kaplan Books

    OAT Destroyer 2016 O-Chem, Gen Chem, Bio, Quantitative reasoning OAT Destroyer 2016 Physics Kaplan Flashcards Big Kaplan Review Notes Book Shoot me a message! or email at [email protected]
  9. jya5ab

    Looking to BUY DAT materials!!! (DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer)

    I'm looking to buy the DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer (no writing or highlighting, please). I'd prefer either the 2015 or 2016 editions. PM me if you have them to sell. Thanks!
  10. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  11. P

    Florida MPJE Review Material

    Hello Everyone, I am in Dire need of finding Fl MPJE review material so that i may take the exam. Anyone with any idea or materials or where i can find/buy materials or even studying tips which helped them pass the exam which you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated please PM me...
  12. P

    Help with Materials for the DAT!

    I am a pre-dent student current studying for the DAT and planning on taking it at the end of may. I'm currently using or about to use: Chad's Videos for Ochem and Gen Chem Cliff and Feralis's Notes for Bio DAT Bootcamp for everything Crack DAT PAT (Considering this or DATqvault) 2016 Kaplan...
  13. L

    Examkrackers 2015 vs. Kaplan 2015

    Hi everyone, I am going to be studying for the MCAT to take it in 2015, or 2016 (I am currently a sophomore at NYU undergrad). I've been debating on either getting the Examkrackers or the Kaplan study materials. I do have a long time to study, so time isn't the issue. I haven't yet finished all...
  14. G

    Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference by Global Conference

    Global Cognitio Conferences is going to organize the International level Conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology On July 28th and 29th 2015 by world’s best Materials Science and Nanotechnology Delegates and also professional organizing committee Members, here we are list out the some...