1. Sarasa Zebra

    What is the absolute max for number of LoRs (for MD/PhD programs)?

    To make this thread useful for others in the forum, I'll generalize the question a bit. What would the answer be for the two scenarios where: (1) Your school has a pre-health advising committee and writes a committee letter for MD/PhD applicants (2) You must submit letters yourself through...
  2. T

    I sent more LORs than the maximum for a school on AMCAS, what do I do?

    Hi there, I may have done this for more than one school by accident, but in the section of the AMCAS primary that asks you to check the boxes for what letters to send to each medical school applied to, I checked "ALL" for all of them, since they are all good letters and they will all be...
  3. M

    Is there a limit to how many shadowing experiences you can list on your application?

    I have been shadowing dentists whenever I get free time for the past 6 months so I'm usually only with each dentist for about 1-2 days so I have several shadowing experiences to list (7 currently) is there a max number on the application you can list? Also is there a max number of volunteer...