mcat august 2016

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    Reapplying as a minority

    Hola, This is my third time to apply to medical school. I am debating about whether or not I should submit my AMCAS application to my desired schools before receiving my MCAT results. I am holding back because I don't want schools to see my old scores, but I also don't know how much of the...
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    MCAT study partner needed ASAP for August MCAT

    Hello, I'm not sure how people do this, but I am in need of a study partner for my MCAT that I'm taking towards the end of August. I live in Rochester, NY so if you want to meet in person, that's an option, but I also don't mind having an online study partner. This is the first time I'm taking...
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    MCAT Preparedness

    I'm currently classified as a Junior by credit (just finished second year), and believe I have gotten a late start on all things med school. I got so carried away during the last semester with work and such that I lost track of where I was school-wise. During the last week of this past Spring...