May 17, 2016
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  1. Pre-Medical
I'm currently classified as a Junior by credit (just finished second year), and believe I have gotten a late start on all things med school. I got so carried away during the last semester with work and such that I lost track of where I was school-wise. During the last week of this past Spring semester, I started doing as much research as I could on the exam as far as when I should be taking it. I set up an appointment with my advisor who said that I should be getting ready to take the MCAT exam very soon, because I'm expected to graduate in a year and a half. I am currently registered to take the exam August 25th, before the fall semester begins. However, I still have not taken Either of the Organic Chem classes (1 or 2), or Biochem. I'm pretty nervous about not having taken those before testing, but I really don't have very much time left if I want to graduate "on time", and apply to med school right-out. I was planning on teaching myself these subjects, while taking a summer Kaplan class (provided free by my school) but I realize that it's A LOT of information. I just really need some advice on what I should be doing to study this material or whether I should postpone taking it, and if the latter, when??
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