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    MCAT Biology Questions (specifically Stat questions)

    I've been working on the EK Biology 30-minute Exams, but I'm having a lot of difficulty with the statistics heavy passages. Does anyone have advice on how to approach these questions? I'd really appreciate it!
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    AAMC Biology Pack #2 Question

    I did the Bio Pack #2 today and got this question wrong. Could someone explain to me why choice I is incorrect? It states in the passage that when they looked at the blood sample under the electron microscope, they saw spherical objects. Thanks in advance!
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    Struggling with MCAT science? Then these science summaries/high yield cheat sheets are for you!

    The Gold Standard MCAT has put together MCAT science summaries so you don't have to! MCAT Physics Equations Sheet MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary MCAT Organic Chemistry Mechanisms Summary MCAT Biochemistry Review Summary And here is a link to our free MCAT Biochemistry flashcards app...
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    MCAT Biology Notes

    Hey everyone, I'm taking the MCAT July 22nd. Does anyone have typed MCAT Bio notes (preferably based on TPR)? I'm willing to trade notes I've taken from the TPR Books (70 pages typed for orgo, 70 for chem). I also have about 100 pages of PSych notes adapted from the KA lectures (I got this from...