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Jun 13, 2016
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Hey everyone, I'm taking the MCAT July 22nd. Does anyone have typed MCAT Bio notes (preferably based on TPR)? I'm willing to trade notes I've taken from the TPR Books (70 pages typed for orgo, 70 for chem). I also have about 100 pages of PSych notes adapted from the KA lectures (I got this from a friend, but they're legit). If you're not interested in my notes, I'm willing to pay as well (message me)! Basically I'm looking for really in depth bio notes that are typed (like not just 1 sentence summaries or quick looks at concepts, but enough detail minus the unneeded stuff in the book).

I'm not lazy but I had an issue with my 5 year old Macbook and I lost the almost 100 pages of bio notes I took, and I don't want to have to push my schedule back!

I don't need Biochem (I'm using lippincotts illustrations).

If you don't want to share with everyone, private message me!