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    Best MCAT Prep

    So I'm studying to retake the MCAT in January. The first time I took the MCAT I used Kaplan and some AAMC materials. Right now, I'm using Examkrackers and Princeton Review books. I was considering taking an online course, but a lot of people on here are saying it's not worth it. I feel like you...
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    A quick technical question

    Hey everyone! I’m taking the MCAT in January 2019. I’d want to start buying the resources (online stuff and books) so that over the summer I can create an effective study plan. However, I have no clue when there’s gonna be new mcat books published. I’ve heard that Kaplan’s book are the best so...
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    Selling The Princeton Review MCAT Books, 2nd Edition (Boston)

    I'm selling unopened, unused, 2nd edition complete set of Princeton Review subject books that I bought in April 2017. I can ship them to you. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    For Sale MCAT books - EK, Kaplan, TPR (+hyperlearning)

    TPR (2012) - in good shape, no markings except hyperlearning verbal - Verbal Reasoning Review - Physics and Math Review - General Chemistry Review - MCAT inclass compilation - Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook - Hyperlearning MCAT verbal (this has a small amount of writing) EK (9th edition)...
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    For Sale EK MCAT books + organic /gen chem ACS + organic chem as second language

    I am selling these books as a bundle, but if you need one or two books, make me an offer. Used by my sister in law, but she ended up going to graduate school instead. They are all clean 1. 16 mini MCAT book - no marking in the book 2. 101 passages MCAT verbal reasoning - Very good condition...