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    Mcat Cars section.

    I have an mcat score of 510 with subscores of 129,125,126,130. I am an esl student. I was born in the us but grew up overseas. Barely got the ielts score to be able to enroll for undergrad in the US. I know a lot of schools have cutoffs for cars. Will schools take into consideration that english...
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    Looking for MCAT CARS tutor-Calgary, AB

    Hello, I am looking for a private MCAT CARS tutor in Calgary, AB. If interested, please message me. Thanks
  4. Harrybean

    Next Step CARS Strategy and Practice vs. real test

    Hello! So I am near finishing the CARS S&P book and towards the end of the book, and I've been scoring consistently around 70% on the last 7 passages (which is a huge boost from what I was scoring in the beginning of the book) I was wondering what difficulty level for the passages in CARS...
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