mcat date

  1. R

    Has my MCAT score “expired?”

    Hi everyone, I’d like to clarify some information I discovered today regarding the oldest MCAT scores you can submit to most MD programs. I took the MCAT in May 2018, before I applied for medical school in the 2018-19 cycle. Unfortunately, I was rejected at all programs and my advisor (and...
  2. stayathomemom

    Last chance to take MCAT before primary application?

    When is the last date to take the MCAT so that schools receive my application with my MCAT score at the earliest? I know that we can submit our primary on June 1, and if I understand correctly they release the applications to schools July 1. If I take a May MCAT, and the scores are released...
  3. M

    Pushing back my MCAT

    Hello everyone, So my test is scheduled for June 16th and I don't feel really confident. I just want to take it once, so I am willing to push my test back util July 22nd, and there are still seats open nearby my city for that date. I have my letters all sent in to my university, they will be...
  4. N

    June 1st or July 21st? What are my chances?

    I am a third-year biochemistry major at the University of Florida. I currently have a 3.8 cumulative GPA and a very similar science GPA (~3.65). I am currently registered to take the MCAT on June 1st. I was supposed to start studying in January – but the spring semester was much more difficult...
  5. F

    July 9th vs July 22nd MCAT

    Hey everyone, just wondering if you guys think taking the MCAT July 9th instead of the 22nd will make a difference. I'm signed up for the 9th, but my friend gave me 8 more practice exams from TPR (I have 7 FLs now), and I need more time to do them. I can do these new 8 between the 9th and 22nd...