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    For Sale Best MCAT Study Materials - Package deal

    **Invest in your score with quality materials** Package includes: Entire series of Berkeley, exam krackers + 1001s, next step (sociology and psychology only), khan academy review notes in bound binder (in color) plus bonus study and prep material. Please see attached picture. Will ship...
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    $50 free shipping OBO Kaplan 5th ed (2018) set

    $50 free shipping OBO PayPal only MCAT Kaplan Fifth Ed (2018) Set with some highlights in Review books and markings in the Lesson Book MCAT Quicksheets MCAT High Yield Science MCAT Prep Lesson Book Behavioral Science Review Organic Chemistry Review Biology Review Biochemistry Review Critical...
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    MCAT Program

    Hi there, I am in need of the best MCAT program. I have done Kaplan and Princeton Review and I am sitting at a solid 492 on my 2nd MCAT. Does anyone have suggestions fo the best program? I need to rase my score at least 15 points. Please help. I am also interested in MCAT tutors. Seriously...
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    MCAT Prep Materials

    So I'm looking to start studying for the MCAT. I will be graduating in June 2018 from my university but applying for the 2019 year for medical school... so I'm taking a year off to prepare for the MCAT and address other parts of my application. I have some questions: 1. Should I buy the...
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    For Sale TBR Books and some PR ! Excellent Condition!!!

    Hey everyone! I have untouched (no highlighting, mark-ups or writing) Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review books (2nd edition) for: 1. CARS 2. Psychology and Sociology 3. Biochemistry I have the newest/latest berkley books (minimal mark-up, some no mark-up at all) for: Biology Books I and II...
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    MCAT MCAT Tip: The Best MCAT Prep Materials

    What are the best MCAT prep materials? One of the most difficult aspects of making an MCAT study plan, is knowing which materials are the best ones to use. Because there are so many content review books, practice problems and guides out there it can be hard to know which ones to spend your time...
  8. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT MCAT Tip: The Best MCAT Prep Books

    Which MCAT prep books are the best? After analyzing the experiences of over 50 students that scored between the 95th and 100th percentile, we came to the conclusion that there isn’t a “best” MCAT prep book. We came to the conclusion that the students that score well on the MCAT tend to use a...
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    What MCAT prep materials did you use? Recommend or nah

    Hey, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to prep for the MCAT. From what I gather so far, EK is really good for concise review and Kaplan is more detailed, but provides more practice questions (is this correct?). I think I'll end up settling for one of the two. Also, is it correct to assume...
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    For Sale, Berkeley Review (Complete Set)

    Hi guys, I took The Berkeley Review class in Summer of 2014 and am currently selling the complete set. (9 books total). The books are retailed at 345 but I am selling for 275 as they are like new and handled with care by myself. The books are listed as below Organic Chemistry Part 1 &2 (2...
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    For Sale MCAT Books (M'sia/S'pore/nearby)

    Hello all, I recently (2 months ago) ordered the 9th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package (EXAMKRACKERS MCAT MANUALS) through Amazon and would now like to sell them cause I've decided to take a different path. The books are like brand new, in their original box cover. Only have...
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    Examkrackers 1001 New (Biochem) Material?

    I purchased the latest edition of the Examkrackers 1001 series in the summer of 2013 (I'll come back later and update the exact edition once I check). I am wondering how useful they will still be for the new MCAT, particularly in relations to biochemistry since that is the subject that has...
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    Extra Courses to prepare for NEW MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to take the MCAT at the beginning of 2017. I have one more semester to take a couple extra classes. To anyone that has taken the NEW MCAT, or anyone who has good info, what are the best courses besides the required courses. I am deciding between a physiology course...
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    For Sale Kaplan 2015 MCAT Prep Set (9 books) + AAMC Official Guide to MCAT 2015

    1. Kaplan 2015 MCAT Prep Books set. Great condition, some highlighting and writing but otherwise like new. The set includes: Behavioral Science Review Biochemistry Review Organic Chemistry Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review Physics and Math Review Biology Review High-Yield Problem...