mcat strategy

  1. F

    MCAT retake strategies

    SDNers, I took my MCAT (5/24) this year and received a score of 506 (130/121/126/129). Was happy with C/P and P/S, and scored lower on the B/B than expected. That CARS bombshell of 121 was obviously the most concerning since I had been scoring 126 on my last few practice exams before my actual...
  2. M

    Tips for retaking/Should I retake the MCAT? 507, 3.91 GPA

    I can't decide if I should retake it or when would be the best time to retake it. I'm a Texas resident and am planning on mainly applying in state. I am confident that I could do better if I study more because I only studied for 1.5 months the first time around. I could retake it on July 21 and...
  3. Y

    Opinions on my MCAT study plan?

    Hey guys, I need some constructive criticism on my MCAT study plan if anyone would be kind enough to assist me. I am taking a TPR course this summer and reviewing content fully. I will be studying and taking practice exams and doing practice problems from early May until mid August, and am...
  4. Bucopharynx

    My common sense stress free MCAT 2017 Strategy!

    I am going to make this super short and sweet! I've spent more time than I'd love to admit 'researching' prep/review books and courses. At the end still coming to the basic fact that the MCAT tests three core concepts; which we all already know: 1. Foundation Concepts, 2. Content, and 3...
  5. agileduck

    Viable Study Plan?

    Calling the advice, support, and motivation of all future doctors... I took my first "practice test" today (GS-Free) and received ~495. My goal is 520+. I'm planning on taking it January 23, 2016. I graduated in May, so all I'm doing now is studying for the MCAT (goal is 10+ hours a day, but I...