Mar 19, 2018
I can't decide if I should retake it or when would be the best time to retake it. I'm a Texas resident and am planning on mainly applying in state. I am confident that I could do better if I study more because I only studied for 1.5 months the first time around. I could retake it on July 21 and get my score Aug 21, but I'm wondering if that's too late for this application cycle. I have decently strong EC's, but I was shooting for a 512-514ish to strengthen my application. Is it worth it to reapply? If so, what are some helpful tools or tips for retaking? I took a Kaplan course for the first test.


5+ Year Member
May 2, 2015
You have 6 weeks left. Assuming things are still fresh from that 507.

Get UWorld, going through all questions. Highlight answers, make flashcard for later review.

Get P/S 300 pages, read through all. Longer than shorter version, but much more readable, more detailed examples for understanding theories.

Do Khan B/B, P/S.

Last two weeks, go through AAMC Section Bank/ FL slowly to get into the mode of AAMC questioning.

Do put in solid 8 hours every day.

From 507, with solid 6 weeks of studying, you can get 514.
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