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  1. N

    Study Group August 2017 MCAT date

    Hey All, I am attempting to retake my MCAT in August and I was wondering if any of you would like to join a online study group since I've heard they can be really helpful. We can hold them twice a week and go over questions we all found confusing or review concepts together. If any of you are...
  2. dexorbit

    Looking for an MCAT Study Buddy. Ventura County, CA

    Hey SDN, Will be taking the MCAT soon on May 18. Just what the title says, I am looking for an MCAT study buddy or a study group locally and online too. I'm using TBR (newer edition) and EK (10th edition) for my prep materials. Just self studying since MCAT classes are way too expensive for me...
  3. V

    MCAT study group for 2017 SF Bay area/East Bay

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on here for a while, but I'm going to start studying the MCAT beginning of Oct and was wondering if anyone to have a study group or study buddy. I work well on my own but I also work really well as a group. I currently live in the East Bay nearby Dublin/Hayward area...