mcphs optometry

  1. rubes08


    Hello, everyone! I just had my interview this past Tues (6/9/2020) and I feel as though I killed the interview! The essay prompt did throw me off a little but not too bad. I'm getting a little anxious about it lol. Just wondering, has anyone else heard back from admissions or gotten accepted? I...
  2. O

    MCPHS Optometry Interview?

    Hey guys! I got off the waitlist at MCPHS and have an interview in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could describe their experience or provide any helpful tips! Thanks so much and good luck with everything!
  3. BlackLotus89


    HELP!! I recently had an interview with MCPHS and loved it. Everyone was so nice and I love the architechture of the city. Best part? I got accepted!! However, I'm originally from South Florida and just got asked to interview at NOVA. I would love to stay in South Florida because of the...