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  1. F

    MCPHS Worcester Pharmacy Class of 2022

    For any one who has had interviews or will having be, please keep me updated!
  2. T

    MCPHS Interview

    Hey guys, I was offered an interview from the MCPHS DPT program and will be going this Wednesday, March 1. I was so happy when I got the email but now after reading some things online about grad school interviews I have been getting increasingly nervous for it. If anyone on here has gone on...
  3. T

    How long does MCPHS take to send out decisions?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and really wish I had found it earlier because it's pretty cool to be able to reach out to people going through the same exact process of applications and decisions. But anyways, my question is to anyone who applied to the MCPHS DPT program. Since their system...
  4. BlackLotus89


    HELP!! I recently had an interview with MCPHS and loved it. Everyone was so nice and I love the architechture of the city. Best part? I got accepted!! However, I'm originally from South Florida and just got asked to interview at NOVA. I would love to stay in South Florida because of the...
  5. G

    MCPHS-Worcester Class of 2020

    I received an invitation for an interview this morning. However, the email stated that MCPHS prefers phone/skype interview. This is very convenient for me as I do not have to book a flight/hotel for the interview since I am from out of state. But I have never heard of phone/skype interview being...
  6. N

    MCPHS Worcester/Manchester - Any Class Old & New

    Hello, Many of the previous threads have dropped off. Just wanted to hear some opinions, tips, and perspectives from MCPHS worcester/manchester students. I'm sure others are looking as well. Thanks!!!!