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    Application timeline question- Should I apply this cycle?

    Hello, So I'm currently on my 3rd gap year and planning to apply to med school this cycle. I'm interested in applying to both MD and DO schools, but I'm planning on taking the MCAT near end of August/beginning of September. I've been averaging 505/506 on NextStep practice exams, but want to...
  2. Q

    MD Free resource to help with building your MD program application list

    Current MD-MPH MS2 here. Posting a resource here that SIGNIFICANTLY helped me during my application cycle in 2018-2019. This spreadsheet is a comprehensive list of all US MD programs and the corresponding data for each (location, # applicants, # matriculated, Avg GPA/MCAT, # in-state vs...
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    Ideas for chances/school list?? 2020 Applicant

    Year in school: Graduated Spring 2018, currently working on Paramedic certificate part-time (upgrade from AEMT) and working FT. B.A in Music Performance (and pre-med at the same time) from medium sized state school. Country/state of residence: USA, MO Schools to which you are applying...