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    MBA during medical school (Best Option)?

    Hi y'all, I will be starting medical school in July/August and am currently working on completing my MPH degree. I want to pursue an MBA at some point down the line either in medical school (5 year program with a gap year for it potentially) or after medical school, or after residency even. What...
  2. N

    MD (Family Med) vs Nurse Practitioner

  3. Chasing Never Land

    HELP!!! 4 year MD/MPH or MD @ U.Miami Miller SOM?

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting because I'm in a unique dilemma, and would truly value your advice. I was recently accepted to both the 4yr MD/MPH and regular MD programs at University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. I know that this is a wonderful problem to have. I'm also scared sh*tless...