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    What would be my chances to gain admittance to DO schools?

    Hello, I am a resident of WV. My top two schools to apply to are Marshall University JCESOM (MD) & WVSOM (DO) in Lewisburg. I plan on applying to only a few more DO schools but only 1 MD. My current undergraduate cgpa is 3.31 & bcpm gpa is 3.4 & a mcat of 495. I plan on retaking my mcat this...
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    Advice about sGPA?

    Hello SDN, I'm currently looking at how my GPA would be calculated after each year... I know AMCAS does a year by year GPA but does that go by credits? I'm curious because I was calculating my BCPM GPA freshmen year I did really well and got a 3.8-3.9ish sophomore year I had a grandparent...