1. L

    Affordable Pre-Med Advising (MD/DO/MD-PhD/any health related professions)--Personal Statements, Experiences, Secondaries, Interviews, Pre-Med Path

    Are you applying this cycle or just trying to navigate all of the myths and confusion as a pre-med? We got you! Medical school acceptance isn't just about GPA and MCAT scores! Branding, personal statement, experiences, recommendation letters, school list, secondaries, and interviews are all...
  2. A

    Help with school list/suggestion?

    Hi y'all, first time applicant trying to come up with a list of schools I should apply to this upcoming May. I am a Virginia resident and considering applying to low tier MDs and DOs due to my stats. Stats: Graduated from a school in Illinois 3.3 sGPA/cGPA (upward trend, with DIY post bacc)...
  3. F

    Application Help: Should I mention this

    Hi, So I am a re-applicant and already graduated with a BS degree in 2016. I am applying for the 2018-2019 cycle and was wondering if I should include working for a tobacco company on my application, since that's what I have been doing for the majority of my time out of school (it was the only...
  4. belvita

    Can't Update MDapps Demographics Section

    I noticed about a week ago that the save button on the MDapps demographics section doesn't work. Click it all you want but no changes are saved. Does anyone else have this problem? I already tried different browsers (didn't work) and emailing the two contact emails for MDapps about it...