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Affordable Pre-Med Advising (MD/DO/MD-PhD/any health related professions)--Personal Statements, Experiences, Secondaries, Interviews, Pre-Med Path

May 19, 2020
  1. MD/PhD Student
Are you applying this cycle or just trying to navigate all of the myths and confusion as a pre-med? We got you!

Medical school acceptance isn't just about GPA and MCAT scores! Branding, personal statement, experiences, recommendation letters, school list, secondaries, and interviews are all part of the game.

Check out our website
Pre-Med Advising | Road to White Coat

We are a team of incoming MD and MD-PhD students offering our services to make your application cycle successful! We have fresh insights about the process since both of us attended multiple interviews and got acceptances. We are passionate about helping students achieve their goals in medicine and science!

Services we offer:

Application editing (personal/research statements/statements of purpose)—any level: MD/MD-PhD/DO/PhD/PA/NP/OT

Experiences editing

Secondary Applications

Help with making a school list - this is actually an important aspect of the application that applicants often overlook. It's more than your GPA/MCAT, LizzyM or WARS score.

Interview prep (includes questions/interview day prep/what to wear, how to conduct yourself—traditional and MMI)

Any pre-med/grad school advice (LOR, classes, MCAT, experiences, strategizing gap year plans etc etc)

Reapplication Evaluation or overall application evaluation (editing is not included)

We think that all students should have access to high quality, personalized advising services, so we want to offer these services at reasonable prices. If you have any extraordinary financial circumstances, please explain on the Google form and we will get back to you with modified pricing if eligible. We also want to get to know you on a personal level to further help you with making your application shine. We believe that if you set your mind to pursuing medicine or science, there are always opportunities for you to achieve your goals. Our goal is to provide you with unbiased feedback and actionable takeaways.

About Us:

MD Advising Coach

Our MD Advising Coach has a B.S. in Nutritional Biology and is interested in internal medicine, community health promotion, and motivational speaking. They have extensive experience in patient care, education, and leadership. They excel at coaching students to identify their application theme, write compelling personal statements and experiences, and obtain strong letters of recommendation.

MD-PhD Advising Coach

Our MD-PhD Advising Coach has a B.S. in Genetics and Genomics and is interested in cardiology, translational research, and entrepreneurship. They are passionate about helping students realize their potential (hard work>talent), structure their priorities, develop a strong network, and understand the core values of medicine.

Please fill out the respective Google form--the Interest Form (if you would like more information)
Road to White Coat Advising Interest Form

or the Request Form (includes a list of services with prices)
Road to White Coat Advising Request Form

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. We are excited to work with you and get to know you. As we said earlier, we will keep our prices reasonable. If you are struggling financially, we understand. Please do not take advantage if you can pay a little more. Our mission is ONLY to provide you with quality feedback.

Payments are accepted through PayPal Goods and Services.

Disclaimer: The advice we provide through this service is based on our personal experiences and understanding of the process. This advice does not reflect your chances of being accepted into a professional program. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.
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May 19, 2020
  1. MD/PhD Student
What our clients say about us:

"Promise’s insight into how to write every aspect of the application REALLY helped guide me when I was lost in the process. She helped me pull out my personal statement theme and weave it through all my work & activities. I didn’t realize how much better that would make my entire primary until I compared the before and after drafts. Her inner coach pushed me as we spent countless hours digging for deeper reflection. I cannot stress enough how much she improved my app! Thank you Promise!" - Kiersten, MD 2021 Applicant
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