med school choice

  1. S

    SGPA 3.7 MCAT 515... TX resident.... What are my chances

    Hi Guys Need help in figuring out which med schools i can apply to with my specs..... have volunteering and EMS as well?
  2. OnedayIlloperate

    MD & DO Basic comparison documents

    I will be doing the MD one next, please private message me with source to correct something. The cost to apply to every DO School is $3,270. DO Schools: Post-Bacc/Premed programs: The cost to apply to every DPM School is $515 Podiatry Schools: Caribbean Schools:
  3. A

    Urban or Suburban Med School Choice?

    I heard a comment and thought I'd check to see if it is really accurate. Someone stated selecting a medical school in a city is more educational than one in a suburban or rural area. The logic was that the types of medical issues encountered have a lot more variety and depth. For example...