med school choice

  1. C

    Touro Montana vs Burrell

    Hi y'all! I am struggling to decide between these two. Tuition is comparable between the two as well as class size. Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in Las Cruces, New Mexico Pros Closer to home (but still quite a drive as I am a Texas resident) Pass/fail grading system Small town vibes...
  2. S

    SGPA 3.7 MCAT 515... TX resident.... What are my chances

    Hi Guys Need help in figuring out which med schools i can apply to with my specs..... have volunteering and EMS as well?
  3. OnedayIlloperate

    MD & DO Basic comparison documents

    I will be doing the MD one next, please private message me with source to correct something. The cost to apply to every DO School is $3,270. DO Schools: Post-Bacc/Premed programs: The cost to apply to every DPM School is $515 Podiatry Schools: Caribbean Schools:
  4. A

    Urban or Suburban Med School Choice?

    I heard a comment and thought I'd check to see if it is really accurate. Someone stated selecting a medical school in a city is more educational than one in a suburban or rural area. The logic was that the types of medical issues encountered have a lot more variety and depth. For example...