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    How are my chances getting into NYU

    Guys please help what’s your opinion considering an international applicant has/is Female, 21 yo 1. GPA of 3.4 (low), electrical engineering from highest ranked uni in the country 2. 526 MCAT score 3. Extra: she’s a founder of a startup tech company (an application highly known in the...
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    Take a year off for Bioethics MS worth it for my case?

    Hey so I am an MS2 and my school offers a bioethics MS to be done for 1 year between 2nd and 3rd years. Now my question is if it is really worth it? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of this, but not really sure about what some cons of getting this degree are. But here are some factors as to...
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    Going to Sapienza de Roma medical school!

    Hi, I'm currently in college in US, I'm planning to go to Sapienza di Roma medical school(English program). 1) can I start working in hospitals after receiving "doctor and surgery degree" or like US I need to do something like residency in order to be able to properly start working? 2) If I...