medical devices

  1. dennis-brodmann

    Residency Career Guidance: Epilepsy, Neurohospitalist, Neuroinfectious Disease, Teleneurology, Medical Devices

    Hey everybody, I am a PGY-2 in a front-loaded neurology residency program seeking advice from senior residents, fellows, and attendings. I have various thoughts about future career options and have spoken to some of my attendings, who have been in academia for most of their careers. I was...
  2. C

    REU vs Internship

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for advice for a decision I'm trying to make. For the summer, I am deciding between a REU (research with diseases) or an internship with a biomedical device company (this would be mostly machinery work). Do medical schools usually have a greater preference for...
  3. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Anyone have any information on Carle Illinois COM?

    I just saw a post on r/premed about Carle Illinois COM. Any idea what this is all about? They don't offer too much information on their website, so maybe someone heard some rumors as to when they'll start taking applicants, or if they'll have specific course requirements since it's supposed to...
  4. C

    Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Admission Chances

    Hey everyone, In May of 2015 I graduated from a top 50 University with a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Information Technology. Medical school has always been my dream, but after junior year I was so burnt out from engineering school and didn't want to think about the...
  5. RayitoLX

    Post-Bac Bioengineering Research & Schools

    Hi everyone! First post, hoping to feel welcome here. I am currently a senior graduating with degrees in EE and physics, and I will be applying for MD/PhD programs this June. Because of the timeline, this means I will be looking and applying to year-long experiences in research for 2016-2017...