medical leave of absence

  1. C

    2-year LOA and failed Step screwed am I?

    As the title says. Been having a rough time over here. I'm a US MD who took a 2 year leave of absence after M2 for medical reasons and also have a failed Step on my record. Am I still able to match into residency? I'm not looking to go into anything competitive. Is it worth even continuing...
  2. Byakkz

    Cancer in medical school

    Treatment Done as of 3/10/2023!!!! Thank you all for reading and those who have reached out and shared their stories. Onward to finish the semester and move onto clinicals <3 ------------------- Hello I'm writing this in hope that who ever may be in my situation be inspired to stay strong. A...
  3. J

    M1 Leave of Absence Corona

    Hey guys! New here. I wanted some advice on the situation I have found myself in. I recently was supposed to start medical school and I did for a few weeks but I had major medical issues arise that prevented me from continuing(mental that became physical). My school told me to start again next...
  4. G

    Medical leave?

    Hi All, I've had a pretty miserable semester. I've missed most of my classes for the last ten weeks, because I developed pneumonia, among other health issues and complexities, followed by back to back viral infections. I was in the ER six or seven times. I've been running a low grade fever for...
  5. ancoraimparo

    eating disorder medical leave

    I have struggled with anorexia for over 15 years and have been in treatment and hospitalized dozens of times. I just finished my first year of med school and I was struggling a bit so I told student affairs and they are now making me take an entire YEAR off even though I worked on my health a...
  6. ancoraimparo

    MD STEP 1 before MS2?? MPH/MHA instead?

    Hello. I am a med student that has to take a medical leave between MS1 and MS2 for treatment. I also have to remediate anatomy - either this fall or next summer. I applied to and got admitted to an MPH program and a Master's in Healthcare administration program - both start next month and can...
  7. D


  8. J

    Facing dismissal in third year, is there hope in appealing?

    Hi everyone, I'm personally a pharmacy student but someone very close to me is facing dismissal in third year medical school (Canadian school) and I've come to seek advice. The story goes that this person has been very high achieving in the past (high school, undergrad, went to Hopkins for...