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In my opinion, the fact you got sober is a sign of strength, not weakness. You should be proud of yourself and present your story with confidence in an interview if you are asked about your medical leave. I would much rather accept someone into a residency program that has learned to manage a chronic disease than someone who has not faced a tough challenge. That's my 2 cents (but I would get some other opinions as I am not on an admissions board). You would get my vote though!
I wouldn't mention it. It seems like almost everyone involved in this process is risk-averse--from medical students to PDs.

If your gap year comes up during interview, you should simply say that: 'It was a medical leave of absence that is resolved'.

The question in ERAS is: 'Has your medical education been extended or interrupted? I guess you can say no, but it would appear strange when you try to distinguish the PhD portion from the MD one.
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